Unlock your car’s potential with Carmadillo. The easiest way to locate, lock, and unlock your vehicle doors from your browser.

💡 Why Carmadillo?

Carmadillo gives you the freedom to locate 🌎, unlock 🔑, and lock 🔒 your car directly from your browser. Forgot to lock your vehicle? Don’t know where you parked? Carmadillo solves these problems for you.

Connecting your car to Carmadillo is quick and easy. Available on Chrome and Firefox, Carmadillo empowers vehicle owners to know more and do more with their cars.

🚗 How it works

Use your car’s credentials to safely and securely sign into Carmadillo. These are the same credentials that you would use to log into the app for your vehicle (e.g. Tesla app). In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to use this browser extension to manage your car, or even a small fleet of vehicles.

Carmadillo is free to all users. You can use Carmadillo to connect up to 3 vehicles of the same brand. This browser extension works on internet-connected vehicles of 13 car brands (a good rule of thumb is vehicles after 2015).

Have any feedback? Feature requests, bug reports, you name it. Email us at support@carmadillo.io.

Carmadillo is powered by Smartcar, the API for your car. Want to build your own car app? Check out their docs!